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Loan Products

A loan is the sum of money that is learnt to a borrower for a specific tenor in exchange for tying repayment of principal and agreed interest to an identified source and structured periodically –monthly, quarterly, etc-according to the nature of expected inflows.

The SIS&L commercial loans have been designed to meet the needs of business and commercial entities notably SMEs and enterprises to enable them run their business and meet their short term working capital commitments.


  • Available to SMEs and enterprises (sole proprietors)
  • Can be accessed by existing customers or walk in.
  • Applicants must have operated account for at least 6 months.
  • Can be granted exceptionally in cases of less than six months’ account operation
  • Repayment is tied to identifiable primary source as well as secondary source
  • Loan tenor depends on cash flow and cash cycle
  • Facility can be granted as a single or revolving loan
  • Funded activity must be legitimate business


  • Meet short term needs
  • Support working capital
  • Stock replenishing
  • Clear goods at Ports, etc.

Tenor : 1 – 12 months


  • Provides working capital.
  • Provides avenue for business expansion.
  • Enhance trade
  • Meet supply orders
  • Ensure adequate stock
  • Improve management of cash flows


  • Loan application letter
  • Bank statement covering at least 6 Months.
  • Personal/corporate guarantee
  • Board Resolution (where applicable)
  • Suitable collateral
  • Financial Statement
  • Bank statement from other financial institutions
  • Cash flow statement covering the tenor of the loan
  • Relevant licenses and business operating permits

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An overdraft is a facility extended to a customer checking account which allows account to overdraw up to the limit approved.

An overdraft may be secured or unsecured designed to cover short term cash flow shortfalls. Overdraft does not have specific periodic installment payment thus allowing you the flexibility to plan your payment based on the strength of the cash flows

The SIS&L overdraft facility has been designed to meet the needs of commercial entities with strong cash generating capacities to assist them to better manage their intermittent challenges arising from unaligned cash cycles, time lag between receipts and payments

They can also be utilised to augment working capital, meet shortfalls (gaps) in operational cash flows and ensure business continuity.


  • Available to SMEs and enterprises (sole proprietors)
  • Can be accessed by existing customers.
  • Applicants must have operated account for at least 6 months.
  • Facility can be granted in exceptionally in cases of less six months’ account operation
  • Business must be self-liquidating with adequate cash flow
  • Funded activity must be legitimate business
  • Tenor ranges from 1 week- 1 year.


  • Back business operations
  • Manage receivables and inventory
  • Handle cheque accommodations
  • Meet funding gaps

Tenor: 1 week-12 months


  • Working capital support.
  • Allows business continuity.
  • Facilitate cheques and payment management
  • Interest is charged on the overdrawn amount only
  • Prevent cost due to business delays etc.
  • Management of inventory & stock orders.
  • Good fund management
  • Assist liquidity challenges


  • Overdraft application letter
  • Account Statement
  • Personal/corporate guarantee
  • Board Resolution
  • Suitable collateral
  • Financial Statement
  • Stock hypothecation
  • Cash flow statement

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The SIS&L Equipment Loan (EL) is meant for businesses and organizations that need to acquire equipment and other assets to run their entities . The equipment can either be manufactured/produced locally or imported from abroad.

The equipment must meet regulatory standards and certified by local authorities in Ghana. This product is targeted at SMEs in the manufacturing sector, small scale engineering firms, artisans and producers of agro products, etc. who require financial support to acquire machinery and equipment to boost production, meet the regulatory standards or enhance efficiency.

The applicant/company contributes 10% of the cost of the equipment either as the equity contribution or as cash collateral to back the loan.


  • For account & non-account customer.
  • Register equipment in the joint names of customer/SIS&L
  • Equipment acquired from a recognised manufacturer or vendor
  • Equipment must be brand new or less than 2 years
  • Equipment must pass local licensing regime and approved by the regulatory body
  • Comprehensively insured if necessary
  • Collateral- charge on the equipment
  • Several and joint guarantee
  • Proven maintenance/supply agreement if required


  • Flexible payment – Max five (5) years.
  • Business saved from tying up its capital
  • Full control after equipment is paid off.
  • Machinery/equipment  boosting efficiency.


  • Equipment Loan application letter
  • Proforma invoice on equipment
  • Import document on equipment if any
  • Certification by appropriate authority if applicable
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Corporate guarantee
  • Charge over the equipment

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A bong/guarantee is an instrument issued to a buyer/contractor by an acceptable third party (financial institution) guaranteeing that the buyer/contactor will comply on its obligations under the contract. If he/she fails to do so, the third party will be liable for the said amount.

To facilitate our customers business engage in the construction and other relevant sectors, SIS&L will support them with the necessary non-funded guarantees when required.

Types of Guarantees

  • Bid/Tender Guarantee (bond)
  • Performance Guarantee (bond)
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Payment Guarantee
  • Retention Guarantee

Bid/Tender Guarantee

A bond issued by the institution on behalf of a customer to aid the bidding of a contract.  This guarantees that the customer will not pull out of the bidding process


  • Enables the customer tender for more bids

Performance Guarantee

An undertaking required by the contract employer or a principal from a contractor as security for their performance. The bond usually states that the contractor has the ability to carry out the job.  This is normally issued to cover the duration of the contract.


  • Validates the contract awarded to the contractor.

Advance Payment Guarantee

This is a guarantee issued to enable contractors collect mobilization fees for contracts won.  Here the institution becomes liable if after collection of the money, the contractor still fails to execute the project.


  • Enables the customer make necessary preparations for initial star- up of project.

Payment Guarantee

This is an undertaking or an agreement where the institution agrees to be liable for the debt of a customer to a third party or beneficiary on default.


  • Boosts the customer’s turnover
  • Relieve customer of working capital pressure

Retention Guarantee

An undertaking by the institution to the Contract Employer, which enables the contractor (the Institution’s client) collect the funds that ordinarily would have been withheld by the Contract Employer for a specified period to take care of any flaws/defects on the project/contract executed


  • Avails the contractor with the required 10% retention to move on to other projects.

Avails the contractor with working capital earlier than expected.


Application Form 1.23 MB 823 downloads


This product is designed to meet the working capital needs of contractors and vendors of reputable organizations. The product is for clients who are awarded tenders to supply goods and services. The Institution can study their contract/orders and consider advances against the said contract/orders or the appropriate amount of outstanding due for payment.
The product also provides financing for outstanding receivables.
They are short-term and are given for a maximum period of 3 months (90 days).

Features and Benefits

  • Funds are provided for the purposes of expanding businesses by borrowing against LPOs and Receivables.
  • Maximum to be financed is 100% of the cost of LPO
  • Disbursement will be made directly to vendors after confirmation-
  • Institution shall only finance LPO from blue chip companies or companies approved
  • Loan must be backed by collateral
  • Loan can be revolving

Tenor:  1-3 months

  • Beneficiary may be either an account or non-account customer.


  • Local Purchase Order from the issuing company (Registered/Blue Chip Company)
  • Formal Application Letter from the customer
  • Company Profile and Registration Documents
  • A collateral and guarantor.


  • Sole proprietorship-Registered
  • SMEs
  • Organizations


  • Helps the customer have access to working capital
  • Helps customers finance their LPOs
  • Helps customers meet supply contracts or orders within a given time frame
  • Helps the customer improve cash flow for company’s operations.
  • Loan is based on value of the Purchase Order

Application Form 1.23 MB 823 downloads


The Loan Refinancing product (LR) is a special, single-purpose consumer loan granted to pay off and acquire applicant’s existing loans with other banks and financial institutions on more flexible terms. The sole targets are the officers, men and civilian employees of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF). This product is SIS&L’s panacea to the multi-faceted challenges GAF members face in accessing loans.
Eligible loans that come under this package are:
1. Existing Personal loans
2. Existing Scheme loans
3. Existing Vehicle loans
4. Existing Consumer & Household loans

We encourage all GAF personnel to take advantage of this special product.

● Loan Purpose –To pay off existing loans with banks & NBFIs
● Target – Serving GAF members
● Debt Service Ratio – 65%
● Relatively lower interest rates than rates on loans to be refinanced
● Applicant must be a SIS&L salary account holder
● Take-over loan must have 3 months or more to expiry
● No additional fees and charges
● Loan consolidation and extension available
● Beneficiary qualifies for additional loans if Debt Service Ratio (DSR) permits.

● Flexible loan tenure
● Interest rate reduction
● Loan consolidation for easy payment
● Reduced burden on disposable income
● Flexible terms of repayment

● LR application letter and completed loan application form
● Confirmation of existing loan balance with other financial institutions
● Letter of Introduction signed by Unit Commander
● Letter of Undertaking from the Forces Pay Regiment
● Security documentation (if any)
● Service ID and National ID
● Last 3 months’ bank statement on salary account


Application Form 1.23 MB 823 downloads


The Personal Loan is granted to salaried workers of approved institutions to finance their personal commitments. It helps beneficiaries improve their welfare and support themselves and their families.
As a financial institution, our Personal Loan primary focus is on the personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces. We also have members of the services fraternity such as the Police, Fire Service, Immigration and Customs Division of Ghana Revenue Service (GRA) as our target. Salaried workers belonging to Municipal District Assemblies (MDAs), Blue Chip and Private Companies also qualify for the Personal Loan. Other terms and conditions apply
The PL repayment is charged against the salary of the beneficiary for the duration of the loan.

● Serving GAF members and staff of approved institutions
● DSR – 45%
● Loan tenure of between 6 months – 5 years
● Applicant must be a SIS&L salary account holder
● Interest charges and fees apply
● Loan Protection Insurance applies

● Long repayment period – maximum of 5 years
● Competitive interest rates
● Wide range of loan purpose – funeral, consumer item, education etc.
● Flexible payments structured according to the loan tenure.

Requirement: (GAF)
● Letter of Application and completed loan application form
● Letter of introduction signed by Unit Commander
● Letter of Undertaking from the Forces Pay Regiment
● Security documentation (if applicable)
● Current Pay Slip
● Last 3 months’ Bank Statement on Salary Account
● Service ID and 1 x National ID
● Passport size photograph
Requirements: Other Salaried Workers
● Completed Loan Application Form
● Letter of Introduction from Employer
● Current pay slip
● Last 3 months’ Bank Statement on Salary Account
● National ID card
● Passport size photograph
● Employer’s Undertaking


Application Form 1.23 MB 823 downloads


This product allows individuals to obtain financing from the institution to acquire vehicles for their personal use.

The Auto Loan targets are the high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs who are doing business with SIS&L. Non-account holders may be considered exceptionally.

The vehicles are to be acquired through accredited automobile providers or local garages and must not be more than 5 years old. The main repayment source is the salary of the beneficiary. Self- employed individuals with regular income stream may also be considered. The auto loans assist beneficiaries to acquire vehicles and provide means of transport to facilitate their movements.

The applicant may contribute 10% of the cost of the vehicle as either the equity contribution or as cash collateral to back the loan.


  • For account & non-account customer.
  • Register vehicle in the joint names of customer/SIS&L
  • Vehicle acquired from a recognised automobile  company or garage
  • Vehicle must be 5 years or less
  • Comprehensive Insurance Policy-SIS&L as loss payee
  • Collateral- charge on the vehicle purchased.
  • Employer undertaking
  • Salary of beneficiary is the main repayment source



  • Flexible payment – Max five (5) years.
  • Business freed from tying up its working capital
  • Full control after vehicle is paid off.
  • Vehicle will assist movement of beneficiary
  • Payment is spread over long period


  • Auto loan application letter
  • Proforma invoice on vehicle
  • Import document on vehicle if any
  • Valuation of vehicle from STC if applicable
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Personal guarantee
  • Employer undertaking
  • Joint registration of vehicle
  • Charge over the motor vehicle

Application Form 1.23 MB 823 downloads


The SIS&L Education loan is exclusive to members of GAF

This provides stress- free means for settling school fees, academic obligations and other educational costs of GAF members, their children and wards. The product is tailored for the military men and women who are doing or want to pursue further education especially in the tertiary institutions.

The education loan product has flexible repayment terms. The loan can be advanced or made available to meet pressing need of academic nature which may require prompt payment by the individual customer (GAF) before pay day. The repayment will be charged against their salary for the duration of the loan.

It is to help parents/beneficiaries to give better education to their children and themselves.



The education Loans is categorized into:

  • GAF members on further studies/training on scholarship: Loan retirement is tied to the period of the course.
  • GAF members on private academic programs (tertiary): loan’s pay back plan is 6 months-12 months.
  • Children/wards school fees -Loan is payable within 3-6 months.


  • Evidence of academic program-admission letter, etc.
  • Evidence of training program/studies-local or abroad
  • Scholarship if any
  • Letter of introduction from Unit/Service Command
  • Guarantee Source-PF
  • Letter of undertaking from Forces Pay Office(FPO)

Application Form 1.23 MB 823 downloads


Account Products

SIS&L Deposit Accounts are available for both individuals and corporate bodies.

Savings Accounts

A savings account provides a convenient solution to building up surplus funds. It helps to plan and save in the short term as well as accumulate funds to invest in the future. The SIS&L Savings Account offers the best option for you in cultivating habits for wealth creation and management:

● Interest Bearing
● Initial deposit
● ATM card use
● Minimum balance
● Access to a savings booklet
● Maximum of six (6) withdrawals per month

● Safe keeping of your money
● Attractive interest rates
● Building up substantial deposit as equity towards future investments
● Easy access to loans with savings as cash collateral
● Flexible cash withdrawal terms
● Savings withdrawal booklet to track withdrawals and deposits
● Easy monitoring of accounts
● Access to numerous Gh-Link ATMs
● Accumulation of funds against unforeseen circumstances

● Complete account opening documentation
● Proof of identity- National ID
● Passport size photograph
● Proof of address (utility bill)
● Letter of introduction from employer (optional)
● Initial Deposit – GHS50
● Minimum Operating Balance– GHS50

Current Account

This is a checking account used to carry out day-to-day business operations. It enables the customer make payments and transact business through the issuance of cheques. SIS&L Current Account enables you access funds and deposit cheques at any branch.

● Interest earned on minimum balance of GHS5,000
● No Commission on Turnover (COT)
● No restrictions on withdrawals
● Over the Counter (OTC) Transactions
● Funds transfer
● Email and SMS alerts on transactions
● ATM Debit Card Services
● Internet Banking

● No restrictions on withdrawals
● Convenient services – standing orders, direct debit services
● Access to utilities & bill payments
● Use of ATM & electronic cards
● Access to credit facilities

Requirements (Individual):
● Complete account opening documentation
● Proof of identity- National ID
● Passport size photograph
● Proof of address (utility bill)
● Letter of introduction from employer (optional)/ Reference Letter
● Initial deposit – GHS20

Requirements (Corporate)
● Complete account opening documentation
● Board Resolution
● Certificate of incorporation
● Certificate to commence business
● Form 3
● Form 17 (if applicable)
● Company regulations
● National ID of Directors and Account Signatories
● Passport size photographs of Directors and Account Signatories
● Reference/ Auditor’s Letter/ Letter of Introduction from a Legal Firm

ATM Services

Services Integrity Savings & Loans (SIS&L) provides a 24-hour ATM services through a self-service electronic channel that allows customers to access their account information from ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) and to perform basic banking transactions quickly, safely, and conveniently without visiting the banking hall.

ATM Services available include:

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Account balance enquiries
  • Mini-statement printing
  • Funds transfers (between own accounts)
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) change by ATM Card Holder


  • 24-hour access to cash
  • Unlimited access to your account information
  • Access to ATMs of other banks on the VISA network
  • gH-Linked ATM Cards of other banks can be used on SIS&L ATMs

Who May Become an ATM Cardholder?

An individual account holder or anyone authorized by the account holder may become a card holder subject to the approval of the Branch Manager in whose branch his/her account is domiciled.

ATM Card Application Procedure

  • The individual account holder must complete and sign an ATM Application Form and submit it to the Branch.
  • Where the prospective cardholder is not the account holder, both the prospective cardholder and account holder must complete and sign the ATM application Form.
  • Branches will vet and send the ATM Application Forms to the Card Centre at Head Office for processing.
  • The Card Center will process and issue the Card and send them to the originating branches for the customer to pick up. Alternatively, customers can also designate a Branch rather than the domiciled Branch where the customer chooses to pick his(her) card.

ATM Locations

SIS&L Head Office – Burma Camp

Club 77 (Military Police) – El – Wak

Base Workshop Market – Burma Camp

Military Academy & Training Schools (MATS) -Teshie

Naval Base – Tema

1Bn – Michel Camp

Army Recruit Training School(ARTS)– Shai Hills

Naval Base – Sekondi

2Bn, Takoradi

4Bn, Kumasi


6Bn, Tamale

Airborne Force, Tamale

Air Force Base, Tamale

Ho Branch

Investment Opportunities

SIS&L has a prudently selected range of investment products and funds designed to meet your personal investment needs. In addition to our range of investment products, you can have access to our advisory services. This gives you the opportunity to talk to our investment advisors and review your investments as often as you like, giving you the peace of mind and assurance that your plans are always up to date with your circumstances.

  1. Call Account

The Call Account is an investment account which gives you the opportunity to make a withdrawal at any time without prior notice to SIS&L. Our interest rates on these deposits are most often negotiable and the interest is calculated daily.
The SIS&L Call Account gives you the opportunity to earn good returns and effectively manage your business funds whilst availing to you the flexibility of calling for your money at any time.

  1. Treasury Bills and Notes

Treasury bills/notes (T-Bills) are short – term money market instruments. These are issued by Bank of Ghana (BOG) either on its own behalf or on behalf of the Government of Ghana. This is assumed to be a riskless investment which earns a fixed moderate interest rate because the investment “sits” with the Government. At maturity, the government pays back the principal amount together with the interest amount due you.

Currently, the various Government Treasury Bill/Notes/Bonds issued weekly on the primary market and subsequently traded on the secondary market are:

1. 91-day Treasury Bill
2. 182-day Treasury Bill
3. 1 and 2-Year Treasury Notes
4. 3 and 5-Year Bonds

SIS&L assists its customers in buying or selling of Bank of Ghana Treasury Bills/Notes through authorized primary dealers at the Bank of Ghana at no cost.

  1. Fixed Deposits

A Fixed Deposit is an investment product in which a fixed sum of money are invested for a particular period at an agreed and determinable interest rate and which runs throughout the period of the investment.

SIS&L Fixed Deposit offers you competitive and negotiable interest rates that are higher than that of the ordinary savings account, and is perfect for saving towards a definite goal. SIS&L Fixed Deposit investment ranges from 30 days, to 365 days. You may not withdraw from this account during the period of investment. However, if you need to do so, it may come at a penalty/discount on the interest amount.

  1. Private Funds Management

SIS&L acknowledges the hard work you put into obtaining the wealth you have. We aim to help you make gains on the money you already have. SIS&L does not only offer you investment advice, but we create a customized portfolio for you that fits your exclusive investment needs. You will also have the services of a committed fund manager and relationship manager under the SIS&L Private Funds Management.

We respect your privacy that is why we charge ourselves with the highest standards of confidentiality in managing your private funds.


  • 1. What is SIS&L’s business operating hours?

    SIS&L opens to the public from 8:30am to 4:00pm every Monday to Friday.

  • 2. How soon can an account be opened at SIS&L?

    An account at SIS&L can be opened as soon as the necessary account opening requirements are submitted and verified.

  • 3. How long does it take to get a new cheque book?

    A cheque book request takes three (3) working days on average to be ready.

  • 4. How long does it take for an ATM request to be ready?

    An ATM request takes three (3) working days on average to be ready.

  • 5. Do SIS&L ATM cards work on other banks ATMs?

    Yes; SIS&L cards work on any ATM that has been certified by GhIPPS to accept chip-based cards. Some of the certified institutions as at today include the following:

    ● Universal Merchant Bank

    ● Zenith Bank

    ● ARB Apex

    ● Bond Savings & Loans Ltd

    ● Best Point Savings & Loans Ltd

    ● National Investment Bank

    The list keeps growing so kindly check with SIS&L on a regular basis.

  • 6. What is the minimum initial deposit for opening a Savings Account?

    The minimum initial deposit for a Savings Account is GHS50.

  • 7. How long does SIS&L take to process loans for GAF Personnel?

    SIS&L processes loans within 24 hours after all application requirements are met and an undertaking from Forces Pay Regiment secured.

  • 8. What is the maximum personal loan amount a soldier can access?

    The maximum loan amount to a soldier depends on applicant’s two (2) years’ gross salary subject to a Debt Service Ratio of 65%.

  • 9. Can I pay off my outstanding loan before expiry date?

    Yes. SIS&L allows for early loan settlement with no penalties.

  • 10. How is loan deduction done for GAF Personnel?

    Loan repayments are deducted at salary payment source by the Forces Pay Regiment and paid to SIS&L on customers’ behalf.

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