SMS/Email Alert

The SIS&L SMS and Email Alert Services enable you to receive details of a banking transaction as soon as it happens without visiting or contacting the institution.

These services are available for Cards and Accounts based transactions and include the following:

● Cash deposit
● Cheque withdrawal/deposit
● Issuance/Cancellation of cheques
● Account transfer (Internal)
● ATM Withdrawal & Funds transfer
● Customer Notifications from SIS&L


● You will receive instant alert on debit and credit transactions.
● Service applies for multiple accounts: You can register the service on more than one account or card
● The SIS&L SMS alert is secure as you will receive alerts on your registered mobile number which you provided when opening the account.


● Keeps you up-to-date with your account and card activity.
● Serves as a convenient way of tracking your banking activities.
●Alerts you on unauthorized/unplanned activities on your account for immediate action to be taken.
● Serves as a reminder and assists with planning your account activities.

FeliciaSMS Alert